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If you love chocolates, you must definitely know about Fannie May. Fannie May is a chocolate brand which is now maintained by 1-800-Flowers. The first Fannie May shop was opened by H. Teller Archibald in Chicago in 1920. Fannie May became famous because of their unchanging chocolate recipes. They have established this ideal since the war times. Then, many shops would modify their recipes just so they can meet up with the demands and the taste of the chocolates was not as good. However, Fannie May was different. They chose to stick with their recipes and not meet the demands so they will be able to maintain the quality of the chocolates. As of today, Fannie May even gave more value to their customers not only in the customer service they give and the high quality chocolates they create. They also know provide Fannie May printable coupons to help their customers save more.

Fannie May printable coupons can be acquired from their official website or their newsletter. But aside from that, you can also get Fannie May printable coupons from other sites that specialize in sharing coupons to its readers. Though their coupons may change from time to time, here are some of the Fannie May printable coupons that you can expect to claim:

  • Free Milk Chocolate or Candies

Fannie May gives back to their customers by spreading some free milk chocolate or candies printable coupon.

  • Discount Printable Coupons

Other Fannie May printable coupons would give you a certain discount percentage or they will be slashing off a certain amount of your total purchase. Other Fannie May printable coupons would give out discounts only if you purchase in bulk.

  • Buy One, Get One Promos

You can also expect a buy one, get one type of printable coupons from Fannie May. Usually there are certain Fannie May products that will be on promotion for a specific month or season.

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